About ASAM

ASAM aims to prepare students intellectually as well as socially for the opportunities and challenges of their future careers whatever industry or area they choose. ASAM was established in Fall 1996 as a result of collective student, faculty, and alumni action. We are one of a handful of Ivy League institutions with a course of study in this dynamic and growing field, and we recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary!


ASAM Welcome Back Lunch

Sep 16, 2022 at

SAS McNeil Atrium 2nd floor

Please join us for the Asian American Studies Welcome Back Lunch 2022-2023, and meet our faculty and students.

Free boxed lunch will be available to take away. Please follow …

Food for Thought in conversation with Ilhyung Lee, University of Missouri School of Law

Food for Thought Fall 2022

Sep 30, 2022 at

473 McNeil Building

Please join us for lunch and a presentation by Professor Ilhyung Lee from the University of Missouri School of Law. His presentation will discuss the impact of anti-Critical Race Theory (CRT) laws on Asian Americans…