About the ASAM Minor

The ASAM minor is meant to prepare students intellectually as well as socially for careers and lives in a world of increasing diversity and difference. It brings together critical and creative approaches from the humanities and the arts with the analytic methods of the social sciences to contextualize in a comparative context the multiple dimensions, facets, opportunities, and challenges of the Asian American experience. Our wide-ranging courses examine the history, politics, culture, and psychology of ever-changing Asian and Asian American communities in North America and the diaspora. Our flexible program of study complements majors in the arts, education, finance, pre-law and pre-medicine, politics, public service, science, and technology. ASAM undergraduate minors acquire critical thinking skills and an in-depth knowledge that will enrich their intellectual experience at Penn while gaining a distinct expertise that will make them stand out in their post-collegiate lives and careers.


The ASAM Minor consists of 6 courses:

3 core courses:

—ASAM 0100 Introduction to Asian American Studies

—ASAM 0101 Asian American Communities

—ASAM 0102 Asian American History or ASAM 0103 Asian American Literature

2 additional ASAM courses

1 ASAM or related course

Most of our offerings fulfill Cultural Diversity in the U.S. and Cross-Cultural Analysis requirements in the College, and ASAM courses can also fulfill General and Distributional requirements within different schools at Penn.