Linked Fate Speaker Series Fall 2020

Linked Fate Speaker Series Fall 2020!

The concept of linked fate, as political scientist Evelyn M. Simien defines, is “an acute sense of awareness (or recognition) that what happens to the group will also affect the individual.” Although this concept originates in examining the political choices of African Americans, this series expands the concept based upon what we have witnessed so far in 2020. From the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on minority communities to the new momentum of BLM, we recognize that the fate of AAPI communities is linked to other BIPOC communities. Through a series of speakers and discussions, Penn’s Asian American Studies program will reflect upon our contemporary moment by examining earlier moments of multiracial solidarity and organizing to consider what avenues AAPI individuals might pursue today and in the future.

The talks runs around 30 mins followed by 10-15 mins of questions. 

Hosted by Dr. Rupa Pillai, ASAM Senior Lecturer.

The ASAM “Linked Fate” speaker series  Fall 2020 events:

ASAM Linked Fate Speaker Series in conversation with Caroline H. Yang

Title: Blackface Minstrelsy and the Chinese Question in the Afterlife of Slavery 

ASAM Linked Fate Speaker Series in conversation with Chinbo Chong

Title: Do pan-ethnic appeals work? Exploring the influence of Asian American pan-ethnicity on vote choice.