Sachs 2022 Grant Award for the project The Third Space: Unfurling Diasporic Arts of South Asia


The Sachs Program for Arts Innovation awarded one of the 2022 grants to Fariha Khan, Asian American Studies for the project: The Third Space: Unfurling Diasporic Arts of South Asia.

" Aisha Khan, Founder & Executive Director of Twelve Gates Arts gallery* in Philadelphia, will complete a Curatorial Residency in the Asian American Studies Program (ASAM) in spring 2023, developing programming for “The Third Space: Unfurling Diasporic Arts of South Asia”, a series of programs that seek to highlight Diasporic Arts of South Asia as a distinct, expansive, and emergent tradition within American contemporary art.

Conceived as a series in four parts, “The Third Space” will combine artistic practice and scholarship to envision a cultural consciousness within the American contemporary art industry that simultaneously acknowledges the diasporic artist, their transnational experience of identity, place, and time, as a primary grounding for the conception, aesthetics, and impact of their work.

Aisha Khan’s residency and The Third Space Project represents a critical opportunity for ASAM to premier South Asian American arts in an examination of diaspora, ethnic identity, and immigration history."

*Twelve Gates Arts (12G) is a non profit (501(c)(3) organization created with the aim to showcase international arts bound by the sensibilities of a diaspora identity, including the South Asian identity, to create and promote projects crossing cultural and geographical boundaries, and to educate the community about diaspora culture.



The Third Space: Unfurling Diasporic Arts of South Asia program's event:

The Curator's Talk with Artist Aisha Khan

The Artist's Workshop with Ruby Chishti

The Artists' Panel with Saba Taj, Chitra Ganesh, and Tausif Noor

The Artists' Talk with Arooj Aftab and Shahzia Sikander