Why Get an ASAM Minor?

The ASAM Minor in the School of Arts and Sciences presents to students the academic approaches and methodologies of an extensive range of discipline including anthropology and ethnography, folklore, history, literature, sociology and demography, political science, and urban studies. The flexible program of study allows students to engage in the interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, history, and literature of Asian Americans while also preparing for careers in education, law, business, social work, the health professions, journalism, urban planning, politics, work with non-profit organizations, and creative writing and art.

  • Study the history of Asian Americans and learn about the issues they face today.
  • Gain an understanding of social and cultural aspects of careers in fields such as education, law, business, social work, public health, journalism, urban planning, politics, non-profits, and art.
  • Explore courses that are cross-listed with other departments, including Sociology, English, History, Religious Studies, Urban Studies, and South Asia Studies.
  • Complete 6 course units to finish the minor, which YOU get to choose.
  • Fulfill the General and Distributional Requirements within your school with ASAM courses — most fulfill Cultural Diversity in the US and Cross Cultural Analysis requirements.
  • Engage in the small class sizes that will help you develop strong relationships with professors.

Interested? Have any questions about the ASAM minor? Check out our website and feel free to ask us in person or by email.