About the ASAM Minor

As an interdisciplinary Minor in the School of Arts and Sciences, the ASAM program of studies introduces students to the methods and concerns of a wide spectrum of disciplines: anthropology and ethnography, economics, folklore, history and art history, law, linguistics and communications, literature, sociology and demography, political science, and urban studies, as well as to creative and expository writing.

An ASAM Minor is particularly recommended for students who are preparing for careers in education from pre-school to graduate level, law, business, social work, the health professions including public health, journalism, urban planning, politics, work with non-profit organizations, and creative writing and art.

ASAM courses can be used to fulfill Distributions Requirements within your school. The links to the left list the distribution fulfillments, but please check with your school's academic adviser for the latest information.

ASAM minor requirements

The Minor in Asian American Studies consists of 6 course units. For your general information, the requirements are described briefly below. Do, however, discuss your plans early on with the ASAM Program Director or with the ASAM adviser who will assist you in putting together a course sequence most suitable to your interests and career goals.

Requirements for the ASAM Minor: 6 c.u.

A. 2 c.u., Pick any two of the following three ASAM courses:

    ASAM 001Asian Americans in Contemporary Society
    ASAM 002Introduction to Asian American Literature
    ASAM 003Introduction to Asian American History

B. 3 c.u.

    Chosen from other ASAM courses

C. 1 c.u.

    Chosen in consultation with your ASAM Minor advisor from ASAM courses or from related courses

3 of the 6 c.u. required for the ASAM Minor must be earned in courses outside the student's Major department. All courses counted toward the ASAM Minor must be graded (no pass/fail).

Students interested in an ASAM Minor must consult with the ASAM Faculty Director no later than the preregistration period in the first semester of their junior year.