Maressa Park, ASAM Minor winner of Dr. Rosane Rocher Prize 2022, published her first book of poetry


Congratulations to our very own Maressa J. Park in her first publication, "If you need hope" written and illustrated by Maressa. 

We are very proud of Maressa, who is also  recipient of the Dr. Rosane Rocher Prize: for her essay "Linguistic, Visual, and Psychological Tactics and Euphemistic Effects of Anti-Japanese Propaganda During World War I" given by ASAM in 2022. She is also recipient of the 2022 Nancy Rafetto Leach Sweeten Proize, Honorable Mention for her essay "The [Re] Construction of Space, Environment, and Race in the South"  Faulkner and Ward" given by the Department of English at Penn.

Maressa Park is an English major and Asian American Studies and Linguistics minors.  She is passionate about the expansion and prioritization of Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies programs in the Penn/Philadelphia community and beyond. She is also an Excelano Project member, Stouffer Steering Vice President, and a Camp Kesem counselor. In her free time, she enjoys making art, reading, running, and rewatching Avatar.