Dr. Rosane Rocher Prize for Best Undergraduate Essay in Asian American Studies

Dr. Rosane Rocher Prize for Best Undergraduate Essay in Asian American Studies

Awarded annually for the best undergraduate essay in Asian American Studies.

The Asian American Studies Program invites submissions for the 2018 Dr. Rosane Rocher Prize for Best Undergraduate Essay in Asian American Studies. Dr. Rosane Rocher was the first Director of the Asian American Studies Program. The $300 prize winning essay will be selected in the spring semester from papers submitted by students at the University of Pennsylvania for a course taken during the prior calendar year. Essays may be submitted by the student author or by the instructor for whose course the works were written. Papers in any field of Asian American Studies (history, literature, sociology, anthropology, economics, folklore, politics, and more) are eligible.

Submission:Only students who will graduate from the University of Pennsylvania in Spring 2018 or later may submit essays. Only essays submitted in partial or total fulfillment of a course taken at Penn in Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2017, or Spring 2018, may be submitted. Each work should be provided with a cover page which states that it is submitted in the competition for the Dr. Rosane Rocher Prize and gives the following information:

— student's name, ID number, class, phone number, and email address,
— essay's title,
— name of the instructor, and title and term of the course for which the essay was written.

One essay may be submitted by a student or by one instructor.

Submit papers electronically to Dr. Fariha Khan, fariha@sas.upenn.edu, by March 30, 2018.

The deadline for submission is  March 30, 2018.

The winner will be announced by April 6, 2018.