‘Double standard’


‘Double standard’ Four student-athletes enrolled in David Eng’s Asian American Literature and Culture course discuss the ‘model minority myth’ and how attributing success to race and nationality short-circuits the long, hard path of persistent determination". On Penn Today by Kristina García. Published on April 5, 2022

"Asian Americans are competing at the highest levels of sport, a topic discussed in David Eng’s Introduction to Asian American Literature and Culture course during the 2022 Winter Olympics. Eng, the Richard L. Fisher Professor of English and Asian American Studies, introduced current events to discuss persistent themes around Asian American identity." 


"In Eng’s class, Lee learned that some of this disassociation comes from a lack of fully belonging to either Asia or America, she says. “In America, when people look at me, I’m not seen as American, and if I go back to China people can tell that I’m not Chinese-born, Chinese-raised. So, you don’t really fit in anywhere,” Lee says."