Virginia Chang

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine
Ph.D. 2003. The University of Chicago (Sociology). M.D. 1994. University of Michigan (Medicine)

Dr. Chang's research integrates perspectives from medicine, sociology, and epidemiology to study the reciprocal influence between health and aspects of socio-cultural life and its structural organization. Much of her research has focused on obesity, engaging topics such as historical shifts in the medical conceptualization of obesity; social correlates of the self-appraisal of weight status; the effects of income inequality on weight-related outcomes; and the theorization of health lifestyles as a form of social status and active component of class stratification. Currently, her work seeks to examine the relationship between weight-related outcomes and behaviors and specific aspects of residential environment such as racial and economic segregation, neighborhood poverty and wealth, urban blight and crime, and the distribution of various local resources.