• Fall 2013 ASAM Courses

    Fall 2013 Asian American Studies Courses are now posted.  Many fulfill the Cultural Diversity in the US requirement.

  • Asian American Studies Program Celebrates 15 years

    The 2012 - 2013 academic year marked the 15th anniversary of the Asian American Studies Program at Penn.  In March 2013 alumni and current students celebrated the foundations and future of the Program at a banquet at the Inn at Penn.  A video featuring key ASAM leaders and an Anniversary Publication commemorated the event.

  • Explore the Asian America Studies Minor

    The Minor in Asian American Studies consists of 6 course units.  As an interdisciplinary Minor in the School of Arts and Sciences, the ASAM program of studies introduces students to the methods and concerns of a wide spectrum of disciplines: anthropology and ethnography, economics, folklore, history and art history, law, linguistics and communications, literature, sociology and demography, political science, and urban studies, as well as to creative and expository writing.

    An ASAM Minor is recommended for all students who are preparing for careers in education from pre-school to graduate level, law, business, social work, the health professions including public health, journalism, urban planning, politics, work with non-profit organizations, and creative writing and art.

    ASAM courses can be used to fulfill Distributions Requirements within your school and most fulfill the Cultural Diversity in the U.S. requirement.  Discuss your plans with the ASAM Program Director orAssociate Director who will assist you in putting together a course sequence most suitable to your interests and career goals.

  • Food for Thought Lunch Series

  • Asian America Across the Disciplines Speaker Series

  • Meet the Asian American Studies Undergraduate Advisory Board

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